Architect, 33

Seen at: The International Interior Design Association's Northland Fusion + Fashion show.

What are you wearing? Pants from tobi.com, Calvin Klein silk top, H&M black blazer, Cole Haan pumps, clutch from Rewind, sparkly bracelet and earrings from Bag Lady.

Describe your style: Pretty simple and minimalist. Layers, comfortable with pops of color, flowy with lots of movement.

For the party, black clothes were recommended. What's your favorite black ensemble in history? "Breakfast at Tiffany's" opening scene with Audrey Hepburn in her long black dress.

If your house were an outfit, what would it look like? It's very similar to my style. It's contemporary-traditional-transitional with pops of red -- my favorite color.

What is your favorite local store? Rewind and Bag Lady in northeast Minneapolis. Otherwise I do most of my shopping online at tobi.com.