Consumers need to consider roadblocks that may keep them from saving on a regular basis. Blogger Stacey Bumpus posted tips to save money at


Start slow: Thinking about a major goal such as a new car can overwhelm. Refocus by setting a monthly savings goal instead.


Direct-deposit the savings: Savers who have money automatically and regularly deducted from a paycheck or a checking account have a higher success rates than those who transfer money each time.


Know yourself: Keep records and spreadsheets if you like to, but don’t if it will overwhelm you.


Post your progress on social media: Publicly declaring your commitment and logging your efforts increases success rates.


Surround yourself with savings peers who can motivate you.


Reward yourself: When you reach a goal of saving, for example, $500 in six months, treat yourself in a modest way.

John Ewoldt