The recounts are over and the state has signed off on the winners in the last two disputed legislative races in Minnesota.

The state Canvassing Board confirmed Tuesday that DFLer Kevin L. Dahle won the disputed state Senate District 20 election. The board also certified that state Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, is the winner in the closest election of 2012, the race for House District 8B. The margin? 12 votes.

In the Senate race, Dahle edged out Republican candidate Mike Dudley by 71 out of more than 41,000 votes cast. During the recount, Dudley picked up six votes and Dahle lost one for a final tally of 20,627 votes for Dahle and 20,556 for Dudley.

Franson led DFL challenger Bob Cunniff by just one vote on election night. She picked up 10 more after a judge ordered 35 ballots discarded after a polling place error. During the recount, Franson gained two votes and Cunniff picked up one. The final tally in House District 8B was 10,642 votes for Franson and 10,630 for Cunniff.

Under Minnesota law, any election decided by a margin of less than one-half of 1 percent triggers a recount at taxpayer expense. Neither race affects the balance of power in the Legislature. DFLers have majorities in both houses.