Upload is a Deadspin fan for any number of reasons.

One of the latest is its series on major league umpires -- Better Know an Umpire -- in which it is presenting fun facts and foibles about guys we tend not to know much about.

You know that Gardy is reading every word, right?

Among the first batch to get known is St. Paul native Tim Tschida, an affable guy who has maintained a presence in the community.


We now know that, going into this season, Tschida had worked 3,253 games and has 79 career ejections since breaking into the majors in 1985. (He led the majors with 14 in 1998.)

And there's a reminder of Chuck Knoblauch's phantom tag on Jose Offerman during the 1999 American League Championship Series that makes Tschida something less than a fan favorite in Boston.

Here's the complete review, along with links to the rest of the series.

Our only advice: Relax before your read about Phil Cuzzi, the ump who stole Joe Mauer's double during the 2009 ALDS.






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