The New York Times has discovered BMX rider Alise Post of St. Cloud, who is among the favorites when that competition begins on Wednesday, and proclaimed her to be cool.

Talya Minsberg of the Times opened her story about Post and the other riders this way:

"Alise Post sits at the cool kids table in the Olympic Village cafeteria with her United States BMX teammates. 'Sitting in the dining hall, the boys were approached and asked, ‘Are you BMXers?’ ' Post said, adding that her teammates said yes and asked, How could he tell? 'The guy said, ‘Well, you guys look cool.’ "

And this: "Post, 21, from St. Cloud, Minn., is Midwest nice mixed with Southern California cool, and her nickname is the Beast. Post has dominated the BMX circuit since she became a professional at age 15, which was the youngest age regulations would allow."

The BMX competition begins Wednesday with the finals on Friday.

You can read the entire Times story here.


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