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Postgame: Florimon and Casilla put on a defensive show

Posted by: Phil Miller under Twins game coverage Updated: September 10, 2012 - 11:50 PM

Alexi Casilla served as a translator for Dominican countryman Pedro Florimon after the Twins defeated Cleveland 7-2 on Monday.

When asked which play was tougher -- the play in the hole or the backhand play -- Casilla jokingly launched right into his answer without relaying the question to the shortstop. After all, the same question could have been posed to Casilla about his defense at second base.

“For me, I think the barehanded play is more difficult,” Casilla said.

Casilla then posed the question to Florimon, who gave a long answer in Spanish.

“He agreed with me,” Casilla said, drawing chuckles from the media.

Anyway, click this link and take a look at the highlights yourself. I circled six Twins defensive plays on my scorecard. Not all were saved as highlights in the above link, but I’ll rank them like this:

1) Casilla’s barehanded charging play in the ninth inning. (Punto-esque)
2) Florimon’s barehanded play in the seventh. (Quickness and athleticism)*
3) Revere’s diving catch in the second. (Nothing he does surprises)
4) Florimon’s one-hop throw from the hole in the sixth. (Tough play made easy)*
5) Mauer’s catch over Cleveland’s dugout railing. (Rangy for a catcher)
6) Casilla’s diving stab of Brantley’s eighth-inning liner. (Honorable mention)

* Though it’s often overlooked, Justin Morneau scooped balls out of the dirt to complete both of Florimon’s plays at first base.


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