Solving crime in downtown Minneapolis

The Star Tribune Editorial Board takes a look at making downtown Minneapolis safe again.

A police officer kept watch in downtown Minneapolis on a recent night after bar close along 5th Street near Hennepin Avenue — hot spots for trouble

Downtown's dilemma: 'A mind-set of violence' in Minneapolis

Minneapolis wants a safe and vibrant downtown for residents, office workers and visitors. But rising rates of violent crime in parts of the city's core threaten to undo years of progress.
The busy post-closing time scene along Hennepin Avenue early Sunday morning.

Zone of concern: Ways to make downtown Minneapolis safer

September 25, 2017
The Warehouse District is a center of public-safety considerations. How to respond is an election-year issue.
The scene on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis after bars closed for the night on a weekend in early September. The city wants downtown to be a

Downtown Minneapolis once was a great place to live. No more.

September 24, 2017
I moved there 17 years ago. It felt secure, energetic, promising. No more.

Listen: Rising crime in downtown Minneapolis

September 13, 2017
Public safety in a booming downtown is a key issue for Minneapolis, and for the city's Nov. 7 election. Hear the "Playing Politics" analysis from WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's Patricia Lopez and Denise Johnson.
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