From The Guardian:

Footballers are used to being targeted by criminals, as numerous members of the Liverpool and Everton squads who have been burgled will testify. But when the Rangers winger DaMarcus Beasley peered out of his window in Glasgow this week he could hardly have expected to see his car on fire after it was blown up.

The attack, which happened shortly after 11pm on Monday and is not believed to be sectarian-related, saw an object placed under the USA international's 6-Series BMW. A report has claimed the object was a petrol bomb which was lit after the attacker laid down a line of fuel.

Beasley, who saw the aftermath through his window, used his Twitter site today to say: "Someone blew up my car." He added: "Thanks again for ALL the messages and kind words.. But yea I'm doin ok and in the market for a new car! Lol..Gotta try to find some humor."

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