My blog post yesterday consisted of me trying to figure out how to let go and figure out our life design for the school year next year. 

Well,  I have a solution.  I think I may need to join him and go back to kindergarten myself.

Why? Because, I couldn't for the life of me remember how to make a simple  paper snowflake. 

You see it was snow  week at pre-school and Ben  brought home a lovely  snowflake. 

I said  "Hey let's make some more." 

It simply involved paper, some  folding and scissors.  Right?  Well, right.

So why did I keep creating one disastrously ugly rectangular snowflake after another?

Ben tried to explain it to me and even tried to draw a step by step diagram in crayon for me.  

I still didn't follow.

I must have made hundreds of these when I was a kid. What was I doing wrong? 

I gave up and  finally ran to the internet - of course. 

I realized my problem - the key is you need SQUARE paper not 8.5x11 and there are triangle folds involved.

Here is the post. I found with a helpful video and it all came rushing back to me. 

Curbly: How to make picture-perfect snowflakes. 

(Actually there are a lot of good craft ideas at that site.  Great for cold days like today)

But it makes me wonder, what  else am I going to forget and have to re-learn for this whole parenting gig ?