This perfect fall may make you think snow is still a ways off; it would just seem wrong to follow a day like this with flakes, even though we're mentally prepared to accept it when November starts. What's the first day we can expect it? This map shows you "the date range by which there’s a 50-50 chance of at least one-tenth of an inch of snow having accumulated, based on historical patterns from 1981 to 2010."

The map is hard to read, but it looks like the Metro suffers the first snowfall between Oct 16 - 31.

So we're already overdue. Sigh.

ART Today in hypertwaddle:

Money For Nothing (a) self-initiated project about the value of money. exactly one hundred one dollar bills were ‹destroyed› with artistic interventions and are unusable now for daily payments. each banknote got treated in a different manner. the original artworks were exhibited in zurich and winterthur.

Mm-hmm. Fascinating. There are some examples here, taken from the book the artists produced. Most are banal. Batman instead of a president! Okay.

The preface contains part of the legal code regarding the deformation or alteration of US money; the artists could get 20 years for this! Of course they won't, which is why everyone felt free to wreck the ones. If there was a 100% certainty a drone would appear overhead within 24 hours of defacing a dollar, they would have found something else to suffer an artistic intervention.

Yes, the old 2 AM Freshman dorm-room question "What is money, really?" You will find that people who ask the question can answer it with simple specificity when they are selling you something. (via Coudal.)

FOOD Nineteen ways to dress your hot dog. From the book: "At some point in the last thirty years, though, the hot dog has become a bun-fitting, casing-free mockery of what a frankfurter should be." Some of the more unusual toppings include peanut-butter sauce and bananas and blanched broccoli. Not one of the receipts has sriracha.

Before you send me an email about the typo in the previous paragraph, it wasn't a typo. "Receipt" is another word for recipe, although it's archaic and regional. If you use it in conversation people will look at you with confusion.

Anyway, behold the glory of this:

No. 16 Chicken-Fried Dog This is one of Victor’s most popular creations. We egg-wash each dog, coat it with seasoned flour, and deep-fry.


The dog is dressed with two spoonfuls of bratwurst gravy.