It feels like spring, especially now with the clock sprung forward. The bare garden plot and lawn beckon. Last week, the Twin Cities had its first thunderstorm of the season. That, too, signals spring. But it also points to fall.  

Folk wisdom has it that six months from the first thunderstorm of spring, comes the first frost of the fall. State climatological data from years past generally supports this notion. That would give us frost in the middle of  September.  

That piece of news can take the spring right out of spring. But it doesn't have to. Maybe you can't start planting the garden, but you can start planning it. Consider raking the snow mold off the yard. That's the white film left after the snow has gone. But be careful. Rake gently so you don't damage the turf. And if the ground is soft so your feet leave imprints, stay off until the it's firm again. 

Any other suggestions for getting going now that the warm clock is ticking?