It's been rather dreary here in the Twin Cities, coinciding with the Twins trying to play baseball once again at Target Field.

Combine that with the facts that 1) school is not yet out, meaning baseball attendance (particularly for midweek games) suffers and 2) the Twins have a dismal record, having wiped out a year's worth of optimism with a month's worth of dysfunction … and you get a recipe for pretty sparse crowds.

But one person's pessimism is another person's opportunity. When there are a lot of people who don't want to go to the game, it naturally creates a buyer's market. Even just a casual look at StubHub for Tuesday night's Twins/Orioles game revealed some ridiculous prices for those willing to go under less-than-ideal conditions. Same goes for Wednesday.

I'm not advocating that you go. But if you are a bargain hunter and are willing to risk the chance of bad baseball, there are deals to be had.

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