Villain steals the show in 'Thor' sequel

In "Thor:The Dark World," Thor's villainous brother, Loki, is defeated and in chains; Thor's human girlfriend, Jane, pines for her absent lover, and Thor is preoccupied with stamping out uprisings on various of the nine realms that he and his kind rule over. But when Jane stumbles upon something called the Aether — a long-hidden source of destructive energy, which takes over her body like a virus — Thor (Chris Hemsworth) must drop everything and return to Earth to protect her from Malekith.

The evil leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith wants to use the Aether to — well, what exactly? Control the nine realms? Destroy them? Plunge them into darkness so he can harvest mushrooms?

To be fair, there's stuff to like in "The Dark World." Loki, for example — whom Thor must reluctantly team with in his fight against the Dark Elves — is simply fabulous. Tom Hiddleston steals the show, making wickedness and treachery look a heck of a lot more fun than virtue.

The DVD and Blu-ray (Disney, $30-$40) include commentary, extended and deleted scenes, a gag reel, a look at "Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and featurettes "A Brothers' Journey: Thor & Loki" and "Scoring Marvel's Thor: The Dark World With Brian Tyler."

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See in the dark

If you ever thought about turning your iPhone 5/ 5s into a thermal imaging device, you're in luck with the Flir One, the first and only device of its kind, according to the company.

The Flir One puts thermal imaging technology in your hands to extend the limits of human vision, allowing you to see in complete darkness, just as the military would with night vision. The uses are endless. Two examples: Homeowners can use it for security or to optimize energy efficiency in doors and windows.

The Flir One comes as a protective iPhone case that fits like a glove and has a lens on the back to detect and broadcast a live thermal image on the phone's LCD. It's not available yet but expected later this year for $349 (

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