Stunning news: a new biography of Stravinsky says concertgoers were paid to riot during the “Rite of Spring.” This not only created great word of mouth, it suggested that the conservative factions of the Parisian musical community were opposed to the harsh, pagan rhythms, chromatic dissonance, and jarring time signatures.



Just kidding. I wish we lived in a world were it would be a scandal to read someone faked a reaction to an orchestral performance. Instead, we gots dis here:

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – A judge in New Jersey has agreed to hear a lawsuit that claims producers of MTV's hit reality show "Jersey Shore" engaged in a "criminal enterprise" by profiting from showing fights that cast members deliberately provoked.


Attorney Eugene LaVergne of Long Branch said Monday that he filed the suit in March. It seeks unspecified monetary damages on behalf of three clients involved in drunken fights with cast member Ronnie Magro.

Is Magro de Sitchashun? The only cast member I can identify is Oompa-Loompa Snooki.

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