Before you knew her as April from Sharknado, but after you knew her as Bunny Lebowski, Tara Reid starred in a different bowling movie. We only know this because we have been compulsively brushing up on our Sharknado trivia and came across this IMDB gem from Reid -- a 2007 release called "7-10 Split."

Sounds good already, right, just based on the title? There's more. Here's the plot:

An aspiring actor whose career is in the dumps, exploits his amazing bowling skills to take the PBA by storm and becomes rich and famous, only to lose his best girl and best friend.

Also, it was directed by Tommy Reid, who is apparently Tara's brother. It was the first film he directed.

It also apparently was called "Strike" when it came out on DVD. We didn't know you could just do that, but whatever.

If anyone has seen this movie, we demand a full review. We will be watching it as soon as possible.

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