A second suspect has been charged in the fatal shooting of a man in a St. Paul alley.

Gregory T. Travis, 24, of St. Paul, was charged with second-degree murder and accused of aiding and abetting and being aided in the unintentional death of 20-year-old Erick Renada Pineda Ordonez, of St. Paul, during a robbery attempt. Travis was arrested Thursday, the same day James W. Davis-Drew was charged with second-degree murder in Ordonez's death.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Oct. 11 about 7 a.m., police found Ordonez dead in a Frogtown alley behind a vacant home at 665 Van Buren Av.

Witnesses said they heard several gunshots around 3 a.m. One witness said two men ran eastbound through the alley after the shots were fired.

A fingerprint lifted from the inside handle of the front passenger door of Ordonez's car matched the known print for Davis-Drew. Police found Ordonez's wallet without cash inside of a grill in the front yard of 639 Van Buren Av., where Davis-Drew sleeps once or twice a week. Bank records showed that Ordonez withdrew more than $300 from his account on Oct. 11 a little after 2 a.m. at a Super America convenience store in Fridley.

Video from the Super America shows Ordonez getting into his vehicle with Davis-Drew, a man on crutches and another man.

A witness said that he had taken a ride from Ordonez along with Travis, Davis-Drew and the other suspect early in the morning on Oct. 11. The witness said he left the group in the alley to walk to meet a friend. The friend told police that Davis-Drew and Travis came up to them later and tried to share a cab, but there wasn't enough room for Davis-Drew. He had to call for another cab.

After being arrested, Travis declined to talk to police. Travis has a lengthy criminal history which includes a conviction for crime committed for the benefit of a gang and a first-degree aggravated robbery conviction both in 2009.