"A lot of the older Penumbra supporters trust that I will maintain the integrity of a company they honor and love. I've worked hard to win their trust. At the same time, there's been a lot of enthusiasm around a vision that many people see as fresh and reflective of a different time and space. Penumbra has always been progressive. We're in a space now where we can say that plainly."

Sarah Bellamy, 35, co-artistic director, Penumbra Theatre

"I got into theater for art and acting, but I realized quickly that I couldn't remove myself from the fact that I was a racial minority here, and that sort of forced me into the world of social-justice art. Now I feel I'm entrenched in it. I try to go beyond what people think I can and cannot do, both as an artist and a leader."

Randy Reyes, 41, artistic director, Mu Performing Arts