A new Star Tribune appears Sunday.

That’s because we’ve added content we believe you’ll enjoy to almost all of our Sunday sections — and created an entirely new section called Science + Health.

But isn’t this an era of digital ... everything? Why expand the Sunday paper?

Well, you can be sure we’re striving to keep growing digitally — and you’ll see plenty of website and other digital enhancements this year, too. In fact, the next time you use your smartphone to get Star Tribune coverage, look for several new features. But our digital endeavors do not preclude a stronger commitment to print.

In the few months since I’ve become editor, I’ve heard from many readers — young and old — who profess their love for the daily ritual of exploring the printed paper, and who express fear that its days are numbered.

They aren’t. My conviction is that we can innovate digitally and give you a stronger print edition, especially on Sundays — which is by far our biggest newspaper of the week, with more than a million readers. It’s an audience we’re very grateful to have, and we want to reward that enthusiasm and loyalty.

So, starting today, you will see three or four pages devoted to science and health news and issues every Sunday.

We are also expanding our coverage of food and local dining by adding a showcase Sunday Taste page to complement our Thursday Taste section. Sunday’s Variety section will feature a new splash of fashion and style every week, as well.

The Sunday Sports section will have a weekly Q+A with a notable local sports figure and a weekly column by the great storyteller Patrick Reusse, who knows the Minnesota sports scene, present and past, as well as anyone.

A new rotation of talented writers will contribute personal finance advice to a revamped Your Money page in the Sunday Business section. Kara McGuire, who was the Star Tribune’s personal finance columnist for several years, is returning as a regular contributor. You will also be seeing more coverage of the industries that cater to Minnesotans’ great love of the outdoors, such as today’s story on how ice fishing is big business.

Meanwhile, inside our Sunday Twin Cities + Region section, we’re creating a new home for the latest news and emerging stories around the state, and giving you more Minnesota political coverage from our team of reporters at the State Capitol and in Washington.

Our colleagues on the Star Tribune’s editorial board, which produces the Sunday OpEx section of opinion and commentary, are adding a weekly column on politics and culture from longtime Twin Cities writer and editor Doug Tice.

Overall, our goal is to give you more of what you’ve asked for in surveys and e-mails. We want the Sunday edition to be surprising and compelling — and a vital part of your week.

Along with these new features, soon we will intensify our coverage on Sundays of the high-stakes election year ahead, with the return of the Minnesota Poll and with in-depth stories on issues that matter most to you as a voter. Lastly, we intend to emphasize more public-service journalism on Sundays — probing stories that rely on data or documents and raise important questions about what may not be working well in our community.

Please let us know what you think of these changes. You can reach me via e-mail at editor@startribune.com, and I also invite you to join my hourlong online discussion about the Sunday newspaper and the year ahead at noon Monday on startribune.com.

Happy new year from our newsroom, and thanks for reading.

Rene Sanchez • 612-673-7937