Mayor R.T. Rybak on Tuesday outlined his goals for his administration's last 350 days in office.

It's a long list, which Rybak presented on a large white board, but the mayor himself acknowledged that it doesn't include any new or unexpected items.

"What we're really doing right now is laying out a very aggressive agenda, but it's one that's really about doing some work that completes the work that we've already started," Rybak said.

The mayor didn't winnow the list down, except to say that his top development priorities would be the Nicollet Mall redesign, developing the district around the new Vikings stadium and reconfiguring the intersection of Nicollet Ave. and Lake Street.

So for posterity's sake, here is what the Rybak administration hopes to accomplish in 2013.

Safe Place to Call Home

Youth Violence Prevention
- Luger Report (Jan.)
- Launch Yr. 6 Committee (Jan)
- Connect w/ Fed Partner (March report / Fall convene)
-Community engagement (structure / Events)
- Youth Victimization Data Share

Chief Yr. 1
- Helping [Chief] build community partners.

Gun - State, local legislation. Where did gun come from? Who's giving [to] our kids?

Groundwork for Next Generation

Engage School Board

Generation Next
- Refine Outcomes
- Build Partnerships
- Advocate Policy

Minneapolis Promise
- STEP Up Expansion (sustainability / growth plan)
- College/career center refinement

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)
- Active board engagement

Grow: More people, more jobs

- Streetcar (finance plan, fed lobby, regional operating plan)
- Integrate for Nicollet Mall

Light Rail
- Central open, SW impt, Bott. plan

Bus Rapid Transit (Lake Station Funding)

Nicollet Mall
- Design (w/DTC), implement plan

Target Center
- Project scope, finance plan, deal, design, start
- Public realm + district

- Bus design (partner of commission)
- District design (lead)
- Plaza, park (?), connection, transit
- Energy
- Attract development

- Access funding strategy
- Development / infrastructure financing + plan

Surly - Help w/ grants, break ground

- Identify long-term $ growth tools
- Commercial corridor, small biz
- Sustainable organizational + $ plan

One Minneapolis

Workforce Development
- METP 3.0
- Step Up (Expansion/Sustainability)
- Inclusionary hiring
- Target Center, stadium, Green Homes, Fair Hire

- Foreclosure prevention (bgt sp. follow)
- Homeless 2.0

North Minneapolis
- Green Homes North
- Emerge Technology Center
- Emerson/Broadway Youth Partner
- Penn Corridor (w/ County)
- Penn / Broadway, Capri expansion/Artspace
- Upper Harbor

A City That Works


Budget - Short/Longterm

 Complete CPED - Reg Services Reorg
-Integrate biz growth/license

Fire Dept. Hiring

Results 2.0

Workforce tsunami planning

Green City

Complete Climate Action Plan

Homegrown Sustainability
- Farmers Market 2.0

Green, Clean, Cheap energy
- Franchise 4 Excel, Centerpoint

- Lobby statewide aviation governance
- City views in expansion

Asian Carp (congress gives authority to local officials)

Upper River Terminal
- Temp user / Long range plan

Legislative Priorities

Property tax relief
LGA: restore/reform
Transit bill
Nicollet Mall in bonding
Statewide aviation plan