The Twin Cities River Rats have made it back to their traditional home on the Mississippi River after a several week delay due to high, fast-flowing water.

The amateur water ski team has been putting on shows in it's current location just south of the Broadway bridge since the late 1990s. The team also competes in tournaments and provides lessons. It accepts new members, especially the really tiny ones who are brave enough to climb to the top of a pyramid.

For the most part, skiers stayed about the water's surface Thursday, but whenever one fell, a rescue boat raced to intercept the skier before he or she was swept too far downstream. A constant parade of debris posed other issues.

The team did not attempt their award-winning 5-tier pyramid Thursday; that will come in a couple weeks. But they easily accomplished the three-tier pyramid and had a successful attempt at four with just one skier falling into the drink.

The River Rats perform on Thursdays at the Broadway site on the west bank of the river. Go to for a complete schedule.

Pictures show the four-tier "opening pyramid," a trick skier completing a flip, backwards skiing (I can't recall if this pass was with or without the involvement of skis), the dance team launching from the dock and the audience.