Carmelo Anthony returned after a five-game absence and the Nuggets got physical in the third quarter to predictably beat the Timberwolves six weeks after the Wolves stole a game from them at home to end that 15-game losing streak.

The Wolves led 13-8 early, but never seriously threatened again after Anthony shook off the dust and the Nuggets got serious.

Most notable for the Wolves:

Corey Brewer's 25 points included 18 in the second quarter alone.

He made seven of eight shots in that quarter and finished 10-for-18 for the game. He also had seven rebounds, four assists, two steals, two blocks and two turnovers.

He entered the game with a 12 point scoring average and now is averaging 21 points in three games against the Nuggets, a team that likes a brisk pace just like he does.

I asked Kurt Rambis what got into Brewer in that second quarter.

He said: "Besides playing well? Beings being aggressive? I think Corey is a very capable scorer for us. Sometimes he gets a little overzealous and turns the ball over. When he does things right on his shot, he's a very capable shooter. When he does things wrong, when he's off balance and leaning back...Sometimes he tries to shoot the ball off balance and too fast. Whenever he hits open shots, it's the result of him staying on balance."

Other stuff from tonight's game: 

* Brewer has scored 20 or more points five times in his three-year NBA career, and all five had come this season. (Granted, his season was over by late November last year).

* Kevin Love (20 points, 14 rebounds) and Al Jefferson (22 points, 15 rebounds) both had double-doubles in a game for the 11th time this season. The Wolves are 3-8 in those games.

* Reserves Ryan Gomes, Wayne Ellington, Oleksiy Pecherov and Sasha Pavlovic combined to shoot 0-for-13: Gomes was 0 for 6, Ellington 0 for 5, Pecherov and Pavlovic 0 for 1 each.

* Jonny Flynn is shooting 42.1 percent from the field after going 2 for 13 tonight.

* Ryan Hollins missed his fourth consecutive game because of an upper respiratory infection and is not expected to re-join the team after it ends this four-game trip and returns home after Friday's game at Memphis.

That's all from Denver tonight. The Wolves flew after tonight's game to Houston for Wednesday's game at the Rockets.  I'll join them tomorrow in time for the end of practice at Toyota Center.

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