Rocket sent this to us a few days back, and we let it get a little dusty. Still, it's worthwhile:

Chilliwack Bruins co-owner Moray Keith has confirmed Justin Morneau's interest in getting involved in the Chilliwack hockey scene.

"Justin has expressed his interest in being involved with us as an investor in hockey based in Chilliwack," Keith said in an e-mail to the Chilliwack Progress. "We would be honoured to have him involved. It is all predicated obviously in our successfully securing the team.”

The notion makes sense on a lot of levels.

The Minnesota Twins slugger has ties to the area, having recently helped his dad, George Morneau, relocate to Chilliwack. George is involved in Valley Sports Zone, a multi-sport training facility that opened its doors recently.

Chilliwack is a town in British Columbia, and the Bruins are a WHL team.

Chilliwack is not to be confused with the band of the same name, or the coaching move made by Zygi Wilf.

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