You were presumably watching another Twins marathon -- this one slightly more justified in its 3 hour, 42 minutes length because it was 11-6 AFTER TWO INNINGS -- which leaves little time for much else. Yes, the Twins have now played SEVEN games that have lasted 3:30 or longer. The 1965 Twins, by comparison, played four such games all season.

But we digress. You might have missed a few things last night, including this absurdly and doubly bad call that cost the A's a tie game in the 9th against Cleveland. With two outs in the ninth and Oakland trailing 4-3 at Cleveland, Adam Rosales lofted a long fly ball to left. It caromed near the top of the wall and came back into the field of play. The ruling on the field was a double.

However, this is exactly the right use of MLB's instant replay. The umpires went into their little review booth to take a look. While they were in there, multiple replays shown on TV CLEARLY indicated the ball hit a railing a couple feet above the wall's magic home run line, thus making it pretty obviously a home run.

The umpires came back onto the field upon further review ... and ruled it was still a double. A's manager Bob Melvin went bonkers, as any right-minded manager would do, and was tossed from the game. The A's couldn't get Rosales in from second base and wound up losing 4-3.

We have no idea how the umpires -- led by Angel Hernandez -- concluded it wasn't a home run.

Hernandez reportedly later indicated there wasn't sufficient evidence to overturn the call, to which we would say: Indisputable video evidence did exist.

But don't just take our word for it. Have a look-see for yourself on the video:

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