We were part of MASSIVE Star Tribune team coverage out at Winter Park today. Seriously, almost everyone was there. It was glorious.

We're all focused on the here and now of Josh Freeman joining the Vikings. He's slated to have a teleconference around 6 p.m., along with Rick Spielman, and we might know more then.

As it stands right now though, the one question we have about all of this goes thusly: We are assuming at this point that Matt Cassel will start on Sunday. Christian Ponder's ribs are still being talked about as an issue, and Cassel played well in the victory over the Steelers. Freeman has been ruled out of playing Sunday, at least according to Leslie Frazier's presser. That makes sense in order to get him up to speed.

But what if Cassel plays well again Sunday and the Vikings win? And what if he keeps playing well and they keep winning, or at least winning more than they lose?

You can say that would be a nice problem to have, and that's true. But what of Freeman at that point? And what of Cassel? We're convinced Ponder has started his last game in purple, but the situation with the other two QBs could become awkward as well because of the timing.

The obvious answer would be you keep playing Cassel, but then this whole Freeman thing will either have been an expensive insurance policy or an extended look toward 2014 behind the scenes. Neither would be the worst thing in the world. Just awkward, that's all, and probably not what Freeman would have imagined.

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