We've taken the liberty of sampling the comments section from both sides of the Twins/Phillies trade this afternoon to take the temperature of both fan bases. Here are a handful from each side that best illustrate the overall sentiments:



That's all they could get for Worley?

I'm hearing the other prospect is Trevor May. If that is true I am done being a phillies fan.

don't know much about this kid, but looks like he is fast... i assume he covers a lot of ground in center, anyone know if scouts rate him as a plus defender? arm strength?

I like the trade...he can steal bases and has a good average...BUT another lefty, please. Now the top four in the lineup are lefties. Not excited about that.

A miniature lefty, just what we needed. Amaro must be smoking some good [redacted]. This is a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke!!


I like the moves Ryan is making. Yes, it may take 2-3 yrs to see the payoff but the players coming in have great upside. Plus, the Twins are deep with outfield talent.

If this team is truly rebuilding Hicks should be on the opening day roster.

Hard to believe the Twins don't need a top-of-the-order guy like Revere stealing bases and beating out infield singles. Defense used to be one of the staples of the Twins organization.

I trust Terry Ryan knows what he's doing but I'll miss Revere. He was a real sparkplug and a downright decent guy.

Revere has a weak arm and a weak bat, speed is his only plus, ryan made a nice haul with this trade.

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