On Sunday morning, Wauwatosa, Wis., native Casey Lewis (pictured, right) was just a regular Packers fan with aspirations of back-to-back Super Bowl titles for her team. By Monday, she was on her way to becoming a viral video star.


Lewis, 24, became an Internet sensation after her younger sister Megan (22), made a video of Casey’s breakdown following the Packers’ loss to the Giants – which Casey, crying, blamed on her nail polish and her jersey choice (video embedded again at the bottom of this page). Two days after it was uploaded, it has more than 400,000 page views (and counting). We reached out to Casey on Tuesday (stalking her on Twitter), and she was kind enough to agree to a phone interview this morning even though we’re in the heart of Vikings territory. Here are many of the highlights of our conversation.
RB: Did you ever imagine this would take off like this?
CL: No (laughing). I didn’t imagine my sister would put it on YouTube, actually. She apparently asked me Sunday night, and I don’t exactly remember that conversation.
RB: I couldn’t tell from the video -- were you actually at the game?
CL: No, we were at the bar. We had a few touchdown shots. Luckily, we didn’t have that many. Well, actually unluckily. I would have rather had a lot of touchdown shots.
RB: So alcohol might have played a minor role in the breakdown?
CL: I may have been drinking a little bit, yes (laughs).
RB: The video already has 400,000 page views. That’s crazy, right?
CL: I know. I think Deadspin found it first. I follow them on Twitter, and Tuesday afternoon I clicked (the link) because it said, “Sad Packer fan.” I never expected to be looking at myself. … I was working, and I don’t have access to my phone when I’m working. I turned on my phone and I had like 30 text messages, missed calls and tweets. So that was interesting.
RB: Are you mad at your sister?
CL: If I can get Clay Matthews’ phone number, I won’t be mad anymore. (Update: Matthews did tweet out the link to the video this afternoon).
RB: So that’s the end goal here?
CL: Or to get to Lambeau. I’ve only been there once, and it was against the Vikings. It was the Vikings/Packers game this year, when Randall Cobb returned the kick. It was awesome. It was the best day of my life.
RB: So you’re very much a Packers fan, I take it?
CL: Oh, yeah. Everybody knows I’m really superstitious. That video is pretty mild compared to how I act during games. I’m really loud, I jump around. It’s kind of embarrassing actually. I probably shouldn’t go in public when I watch games. I’ve actually been told that before. … Most people just laugh at me, so I’m pretty used to that.
RB: Your Twitter profile says you want to be a sports photographer.
CL: Yes, but I’ve been told that’s probably not a good idea because I wouldn’t be able to pay attention if it was the Packers or Brewers.
RB: Are you born and raised in Wisconsin?
CL: Yep. I’ve never lived anywhere else except Eau Claire, and that was horrible because there were a lot of Vikings fans there.
RB: What really interested me were your superstitions. I’ve done similar things. I used to watch games with the lights out, things like that. How did you become so superstitious?
CL: My dad and I were trying to figure that out. I think he’s kind of superstitious. Maybe I get it from him. I knock on wood like 30 times a day. Last season, especially, in week 17 I painted my nails the green Packers color. I’m a girl, and I like to paint my nails. It was almost completely off by the time the Super Bowl came around, and I refused to touch them up. I don’t know, I’m just a freak like that.
RB: When did you apply the ill-fated sparkly nail polish?
CL: I believe it was last Wednesday night. My sister convinced me to do it, and I said, “Megan, if this doesn’t work, I’m taking off my sparkly nail polish and putting on black.” Which I did because I’m in mourning. … I do wear a cheesehead and a regular hat, and I alternate those depending on how the game is going – trying to change the momentum.
RB: And you would normally wear an Aaron Rodgers jersey, but instead you wore Clay Matthews?
CL: Yes. But I consider Clay to be my boyfriend, and Aaron is Megan’s boyfriend.
RB: But they don’t know that yet? It’s a surprise?
CL: No, but they will soon enough (laughing).
RB: With so much at stake, why would you even consider changing the routine?
CL: That’s a question I’ve really been struggling with lately. Megan said Clay’s your man, you have to support him. So I made the decision to do that, and I really regret it. But it was a jersey I got for my birthday.
RB: When you think about it logically, you know the nail polish doesn’t have anything to do with it, right?
CL: You can keep telling me that, but I don’t know if I’ll believe it (laughs).
RB: Well, with that in mind I’d like to ask you a series of either/or questions about what the biggest impacts on Sunday were. First: Sparkly nail polish or the turnovers.
CL: Oh man, I have to go nail polish. If I hadn’t put the nail polish on, that wouldn’t have happened?
RB: So, sparkly nail polish or all the missed tackles – same thing?
CL: Are you just trying to make me angry?
RB: I’m not trying to make you angry, I promise.
CL: I have to go missed tackles. I can’t take all the blame. That was really frustrating to watch.
RB: Clay Matthews jersey or the Giants pass rush?
CL: Clay Matthews jersey.
RB: OK, so it sounds like missed tackles were a pretty big deal.
CL: I only said a few choice words during the game.
RB: A lot of Packers fans I know have said this game didn’t hurt that bad because of last year. How do you feel a few days later?
CL: Well, really it’s sad. I’ll miss my Sundays, obviously. But we got to the playoffs. I guess it’s not ideal that they didn’t win the Super Bowl. I would be happy if they had played their best, but they obviously didn’t. I’m still upset about it, I guess.
RB: Fast-forward to September. What are the plans?
CL: I think I’m going to have to change things up. I’ll go back to the Rodgers jersey, but I’ll wear the yellow collar. That’s part of it, too. I might just have to go back to alternating green-gold on every other finger with the nail color. That’s what I did when I went to the game at Lambeau.
RB: So you’re hoping to talk to Clay Matthews out of all this?
CL: Oh yeah! … Or maybe get back to Lambeau. I have the itch now that I’ve been there. I was tearing up because it’s been a lifelong dream, but everyone says I’m too intense to go with, so nobody would take me. I’m too loud. … I made friends there because I’m kind of a lunatic.
RB: You’ve been a great sport. I appreciate talking to you.
CL: You bet. What am I going to do, cry?

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