News emerged on Sunday that Kevin Durant -- of the Oklahoma City Thunder and one of the best players in the NBA, period -- and Monica Wright of the Lynx are engaged. They have been friends since their high school days, but obviously that is at a new level now.


A few thoughts:

1) Whenever stories like this come out, we get the obligatory questions: Why should we care? And is this news? While we will agree that much celebrity/sports news borders on the banal and can be downright intrusive, things like this and the Mauer twins rise to a certain level of human/public interest. Maybe there will come a time when nobody cares, and that nobody caring is a good thing. But we doubt it.

2) When a male athlete and female athlete become a couple, one of the first things people talk about is how athletic their kids are going to be. When they play the same sport, it is only intensified. We, of course, secretly root for the opposite. We hope the offspring either have no interest in the sport (but of course become happy, well-rounded individuals regardless) or have an intense passion for the sport but only average skills. This probably says more about us than anything else.

3) Maybe they would like to play in the same city at some point? Sure, Tulsa has a WNBA team, but that's a good 90 minutes to 2 hours away from OKC. The better scenario, obviously, would be for Durant to join the Wolves after his Thunder contract is done in 2016.

4) Anything that makes Durant, by extension, ONE OF US is something we can get behind. He's officially in our top 5 of athletes on other teams that you simply cannot hate, even if he is ripping the home team's heart out with his talent.

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