After spending part of Tuesday morning at Twins pre-game media access and another part at Vikings Organized Team Activities (as part of our Organized Work Activity, also known as a job), we're officially bored with two things.

That doesn't mean we will never write about them or talk about them. But it does mean we believe we have reached the point where any discussion about Joe Mauer and/or Christian Ponder -- a pair of sevens whose career trajectories have somehow merged in the most unlikely way -- becomes akin to a dog chasing its tail.

There is nothing accomplished. We go around in circles. The basic criticisms are the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. It's boring. It's done.

Mauer is a player who has had a very good major league career and a very mediocre-to-bad 50-game stretch. He will either pull out of his funk and finish the season hitting .315 with around a .400 OBP ... or he will continue to be a symbol of a bad-hitting ballclub. Either way, he probably won't hit a lot of homers. Either way, he probably won't show any outward emotion. Either way, he will still be making $23 million. That money is spent no matter what. So we might as well get over it.

Ponder is a first-round pick who had one acceptable season as an NFL quarterback: 2012, when with the help of Percy Harvin's marvelous first half of the year and Adrian Peterson putting the team on his back, won 10 games, started all 16, and made the playoffs (even if he himself didn't play in a postseason loss to Green Bay). He is in the final year of his rookie deal. He probably won't get off the bench this season, but even if he does, the money is already spent. He's going to be here. We might as well get over it.

Collectively, we can't seem to get over either of these things. But it's time to move onto other subjects and have more interesting discussions. End the cycle. The tail will not be caught.

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