As we were driving to lunch today with Rocket -- longtime commenter, even longer-time friend -- we noted that there is a TON of snow on the ground even though the Twins' home opener is allegedly 3 1/2 weeks away on April 1. Yes, of course, the weather will get better between now and then. Yes, it could be 65 and sunny that day without a trace of snow on the ground. But it also seems absurd that there could also be a foot of snow on the ground -- and that the same scenario could take place in late October if, heaven forbid, the Twins made a deep postseason run.


Rocket had this bright idea: why doesn't MLB play doubleheaders every Saturday?

We pondered it, and decided that would be tough to do for an entire season, then narrowed it down to this:

What if MLB played day-night doubleheaders every Saturday in June, July and August.


1) Squeezing in one extra game a week for roughly 13 weeks would knock off about two weeks from the length of a season. MLB could take one week from the start and one week off the back end. It could take both weeks off the back end, helping allevaite the pressure with playoffs expanding, and just deal with April consequences.

2) A day-night double-header concept would ensure teams still get 81 home gates. Play a game at noon, clear the stadium and start the next one at 6 or 7. Saturday is the day to do it since it's never an off day, but Thursday and Monday can be, allowing for pitching staffs to rest up or re-adjust.

3) Limiting it to June, July and August means extra Saturday baseball (and more games in general) during the most fan-friendly attendance times, while it also doesn't tax pitching staffs in April and May (just coming into the season and building up arm strength) or September (pennant races). Theoretically it could be done in September, too, since rosters expand. For competitive reasons, though, we'd limit it to the three months.

We can't think of a single thing wrong with it. But we're probably overlooking something. Your thoughts in the comments.

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