Tarvaris Jackson -- whose #onequirk is apparently having gloved friends read football magazines to him in the weight room -- is reportedly on his way from Seattle to Buffalo, where he will be the backup behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jackson had been stuck in a logjam in Seattle (where he saw lots of action last year but fell behind Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson this year). The Bills had been trying to decide between Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen as the backup; as the Buffalo News notes, the choice is none of the above.


How is Bills Nation responding to the news of T-Jack's impending arrival?

Well ... um ... here are some of the comments:

Who's next, Ryan Leaf???????????

It does not sound like he's any better than Young or Thighpen... WHY bother??? Shoulda addressed this in the offseason, not as an afterthought.

Buffalo invented excellent wing sauce. Did it also invent the question mark? What an outrageous claim.

Another cast-off backup QB. What a joke this team is. NIce job with the draft Buddy, only spill-em left from 2010, and this yr, they could have drafted Wilson at QB, and not have another 2nd-rate b/u who's doesn't know the plays - 2 wks before the opener!

A smaller version of vy only a little smarter.Imo this was not a good move but one of desperation.A qb. who could not beat out a fa or a rookie(who by the way was named the starter). So they grab a qb who has not won anything, same as the starter they now employ.

But wait! Someone likes it!

Give me a break, naysayers. Tavaris Jackson is a good quarterback, period. I've seen him play a bunch, he makes plays, can run when needs to, and takes care of the ball. A definite upgrade.

As Meatloaf said, one out of five ain't bad.

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