Accuse us or reveling in the misfortune of others instead of just celebrating the victories of the local teams. We don't care.


Weekends like this past one do not come around very often. And when they do, the totality of them must be celebrated. That most certainly includes victories by the Gophers and Vikings, both stunning in their own ways regardless of their competition. And it also definitely includes losses by the three teams considered this area's biggest rivals: the Packers (to the 49ers), Badgers (to Oregon State) and Hawkeyes (to Iowa State).

How long has it been since those five outcomes aligned on the same football weekend? Oct. 4-6, 2008, when the Gophers defeated Indiana, Wisconsin lost to Ohio State and Iowa lost to Michigan State on Saturday, the Packers lost to Atlanta on Sunday and the Vikings beat New Orleans on Monday Night Football.

Our friendly neighbors to the east will crow about how this is only temporary. We know they are probably right, but for now it does not matter. As of this point, the Gophers have a better record than the Badgers and the Vikings have a better record than the last-place Packers. If that can't even give you a fleeting smile, dear Minnesota football fan, then we don't know what does.

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