Those who know us might remember stories of the good days a decade ago when we had what had to be considered the best and worst Vikings season tickets one could ever imagine. How were they the best? They were only $99 a season. How were they the worst? Well, they were obstructed view. How obstructed? Well, the seats we were sold -- along with commenter Rocket -- were No. 8 and No. 11 in a row. Nos. 9 and 10 had been removed because they were directly behind a giant beam in the Metrodome, way in the far, far corner of the upper deck. From each of our seats, we could see roughly 80-90 percent of the field. We had to constantly shift around, back-and-forth, craning our necks in certain situations. But hey, 99 bucks for the whole season, right?


Alas, even those obstructed view seats seem to have been undercut. As of this morning, there are single tickets on the secondary market site StubHub for as little as $4, and pairs as low as $7 apiece, for the Vikings/Arizona game on Sunday. Granted, with the delivery fee and service charge you'll pay more than $20 apiece, so our old obstructed view seats were still -- overall -- a better price. But even with an 0-4 team coming home, we were shocked to see that $4 price online. (Fewer than 2,500 primary market tickets remain for the game, according to an update from the Vikings on Monday. The game needs to be sold out 72 hours before kickoff to avoid the first local TV blackout since 1997).

And no, our mood did not brighten when we did a little comparison shopping and found one ticket to the next Packers home game, Oct. 16 vs. the Rams, starts at $190 on StubHub.

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