You're ranked No. 1 at 170 pounds in Class 3A. What does that mean to you? It's meaningful because of all of the hard work I've put in, but rankings really don't matter that much.

Best wrestling memory: Probably winning the state championship [at 152 pounds] last year. There were so many things rushing through my head right after my hand was raised. I kept thinking about all of the effort I put in to get there. It was my dream since I was little.

Describe your style: I'm very adaptable to whom I'm wrestling. I don't give up points that easily. I'm always looking for position.

First wrestling memory: My first tournament. I was in second grade. It was crazy and chaotic. I didn't know what I was doing. I was just trying to do a football tackle.

How did you do? I think I was last in my weight out of four kids.

Talk about your offseason training: Over the summer, I tried to run 3 miles every day. Then I would work out, doing core, legs, body.

What motivates you? I've always wanted to be No. 1 at everything I do.

Goal for this season: To go back and win state again and hopefully go undefeated.

Signature move: Probably an ankle pick. Usually from a distance, I go in and pick the ankle and club his head.