Spring Lake Park made its first trip to the state tournament but an injury limited Siegfried’s role to vocal leader from the bench for all but one at-bat this spring.


Q: What is the nature of your injury?

A: I have an inflamed sacroiliac joint. There is pain that radiates through my hips and lower back. So I can’t really run at all.


Q: Has this season been bittersweet?

A: It really stinks not being able to play but I know that I am contributing in other ways. It’s so great to be able to say I was a part of the team that did what we did. We joked that all we were going to say at school the day after we qualified was, ‘We’re going to state!’


Q: You got just one at-bat this season?

A: A ground out. Into a double play.


Q: Coach Lori Lightbody said you’ve been a great captain regardless. Describe your leadership style.

A: I’m more about cheering. I’m probably the loudest person on the team. Since I’m not playing, it’s easier for me not to get so wrapped up in any bad things that might be happening during a game.


Q: What got this Panthers team to state?

A: A lot of heart and will to get it done this year. The past two years we were third and second in sections so we’ve been getting close. And right before sections started, one of the teachers at our school, Beth Young, passed away unexpectedly. So we all wore white bows for sections and state. Probably half the team had her as a teacher so we dedicated our whole run to her.

David La Vaque