How have you been preparing for the basketball season? I have lessons with my trainer every Sunday, and as a team we're doing captains' practices and playing in a league every weekend.

You played tennis this fall, too. You must have been pretty busy. I was. I've got [National Honor Society], too. I try to manage my time well. I put everything I do in front of myself.

Get any sleep? Yeah. I usually go to bed at 9:30 (p.m.) and get up at 6:45 (a.m.). I get about nine hours.

What do you sacrifice? TV. I don't remember when the last time I watched a TV show, except for the NBA. I love the NBA.

Favorite player? People are going to hate me, but I love LeBron James.

How important was getting your 1,000th career point last season? That was huge. It was great because it meant we got to play longer last year.

What are you working on for this year? I want to get better at my outside game. In college, I'll probably have to play more of a 4 or a 3 and I'll have to handle the ball more.

Looking forward to the high school season? Oh, I'm so excited. It's where all my friends are, and we have super fans. Our 5-on-5 team is 9-1, so we're very excited.