Age: 41. Lives in: Lowry Hill East, Mpls. Occupation: Freelance photographer.

Q: You're always out and about. Where around town are you most likely to be spotted?

A: I really love going to Cause, Triple Rock, Grumpy's and the Depot before a First Avenue or Entry show.

Q: What are your favorite local bands to see live?

A: I always try to catch some favorites like Zoo Animal, El Le Faunt, All the Pretty Horses, Gospel Gossip and the 4onthefloor, but there are so many. That's why I love rushing around -- everything is so good.

Q: We hear you're a big "Dr. Who" fan. What's the biggest fanboy thing you've ever done?

A: A bunch of friends and I run a "Dr. Who" room, the Tardis Tea Society, at a few conventions here in Minnesota. I even built a half Tardis to use as an entrance to the room.

Q: The Twin Cities has a ton of sci-fi conventions. Which is your favorite?

A: CONvergence. It's huge, friendly, energetic and much more atmospheric. And it's days-long.

Q: Where can you get the best cup of coffee in the Twin Cities?

A: My favorite spot in the world is Spyhouse. They keep trying new blends of coffee every week. JAHNA PELOQUIN