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A poem titled "Frustration": Monday, Monday, go away...#ProverbialMonday:

Every week we'll start off with our "highs and lows" and get into some important societal survival skills and general goings on of the TwinCities and neighboring communities with news about the rest of the world here and there. Participation is simple. Just give us your highs and lows either in the comments of the article or on twitter by trending #ProverbialMonday or tweeting to me @ProverbTribune.

High: 3 day weekend!!!

Low: My fiance has a toothache & HealthPartners isn't accepting any new patients...What does that even mean??

*** Opportunity***

Recognizing opportunity can be a difficult task. Often times opportunity can seem more like a distraction from the things that create stability in your life. When given the chance to do something that is likely to provide a great experience and bring about major change in life we find ourselves at a crossroads where we are forced to choose between stability and new experience.

I find It erroneous to habitually decide in favor of either stability or new experience. It is imperative that you make it a habit to consider the benefits and consequences of your decision before you follow through. Once your decision is made it is best to move onward rather than flood your mind with the "what if's" of life. In order to grow focus on what comes next and not on what was or could have been. Have faith in your ability to make the decisions that will result in the most beneficial outcomes. Be inspired and make decisions with your whole mind, it shouldn't just be one part of you that agrees with your choices let yourself be convinced.

Go take advantage of life, and be sure about it.



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