In its fifth TV ad, Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund says Minnesotans can't afford Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

Like its other ads, the progressive group highlights Emmer’s legislative record. The 30-second spot says Emmer consistently chose corporations over average Minnesotans while serving in the Legislature.

The ad notes Emmer’s desire to cut corporate taxes while also supporting cuts to schools, health care and job training.
The group has spent $500,000 to run the ad over the next two weeks.
Here’s the script (with the ad below):
In a tough economy we need a Governor who’s on our side.
But Tom Emmer sides with corporations and CEOs - and opposes a plan requiring them to pay their fair share of taxes.
Emmer backs a plan that creates a huge deficit - putting Minnesota’s economic future at risk.
And Emmer voted to cut things Minnesotans rely on.
Education, health care and even job training.
Emmer’s drastic cuts will make it harder to get our economy back on track.
Minnesota can’t afford a Governor who’ll put our economy at risk.



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