As one investigation was put to rest, another was given life at Tuesday's Roseville School District meeting.

The school board publicly confirmed its completion of the investigation regarding accusations of bullying and financial fraud made against former Roseville boys' hockey coach Jeff Pauletti, adding that no disciplinary action was taken on assistant coach Carl Hamre. Later, outside of the boardroom, the district's director of public relations, Karen Schaub, said Roseville activities director Scott Allen was under investigation.

"There have been complaints about Scott Allen," Schaub said after the building had cleared of all his supporters. "So the status of the complaints is an investigation is being conducted and that Mr. Allen has not been disciplined in any matter, and at this point I can't say any more about it."

The announcement regarding Pauletti and his staff was overshadowed by the opening statements made by students seeking answers on Allen's whereabouts. Representatives from athletic teams, the debate team and music department called for the return of a man they described as "dedicated" and "safe."

Parents of the students pushed board chair Kitty Gogins to offer more information regarding Allen, but Gogins denied the request, citing Minnesota Data Practices law and calling the question "out of order." The questioning didn't stop, leading Gogins to ask for the removal of one of the parents from the boardroom.

Schaub neither denied nor confirmed whether the two investigations were linked. Allen stopped performing his duties the same week as Pauletti's resignation on May 8.

The former boys' hockey coach spoke to the board asking for a response to what actions it will take to help protect coaches, teachers and administrations from "situations like this."

When asked if he thought the board's statement cleared him of all allegations, Pauletti said, "I don't know. I hope so. But I feel my name has been cleared since Day 1 that I've been coaching here.''