Commenter draft: Bacon makes (blank) more delicious

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • July 14, 2010 - 12:00 PM

Do you enjoy a hearty breakfast of pancakes (or waffles ... or french toast. Any of the Big Three will suffice), bacon and coffee ... but don't enjoy the splatter of fried bacon or the cumbersome trouble of lifting a finger that comes with the territory of syrupy breakfast treats?

Well, friends, this is your lucky day. It's your lucky, extremely slow sports news day that has turned into a delicious slow news day.

Stensation would like to point you in the only direction he knows: the direct path to a coffee product called Maple Bacon Morning.

Reminiscent of a hearty Saturday morning breakfast around the table, this sweet, savory coffee delights the senses with the smell and taste of home! Maple Bacon Morning has a base that's full-bodied and complex, and it's a delicious way to rise when the rooster crows!

So bacon would clearly make coffee more delicious. It's science. Bacon makes a lot of things more delicious -- but some more than others. That is where you come in. Commenter draft: Name the food (or drink) item that is enhanced the most by the savory taste of bacon. Once a food is off the table, it cannot be chosen again. But you may play as often as you like. Even you, Roughkat.



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