Muskies Muskies Muskies

  • Blog Post by: Bob Turgeon
  • April 8, 2010 - 8:48 PM

This weekend marks the unofficial start to the muskie fishing season..........sort of.  George's Minnesota Muskie Expo returns to  Concordia University Friday thru Sunday. The expo is named after it's founder George Wahl a  Minnesota Muskie Icon...from what I know of Mr Wahl he would rather be remembered as quiet and under the radar than 'iconic" but the creator of the expo, longtime suporter of Muskies Inc and inventor of what was for a long time the number one big fish bait.... the Eagle Tail bucktail earned  that label and respect. George has passed away  but this weekend anglers eager to talk, shop and learn about muskie fishing will flock to the expo renamed in his honor.

In reality most people going out for their first Muskie fishing adventure are trying to hook and land the fish....what they don't realize is after that happens just once the Muskie has hooked YOU. Thus the Expo...something to tide us over from ice out untill the first week of June when the season actually opens... a place where everyone else understands the addiction.

The expo is about everything that is Muskie...guides, resorts, boat dealers, free seminars from local and national experts, a special kids lure building area,  tackle companies both large and small,  booths offering special "show only"  lure colors and specials,  "Hunt for Big Fish" host Larry Dahlberg will be there showing how he makes some of his own unique fish catching creations. You can even have the famous  "Double Cowgirl" spinners made right on site in any color combination you can dream up !  If you want to purchase a one of a kind or truly unique bait or would like to compare replica mounts from the best in the is all there.

Thanks to the MN DNR and Muskies inc. the fishing opportunities for Muskies are abundant and thanks to a great catch and release ethic among Muskie anglers there are more than enough fish to share. So if you either have or want Muskie fever come down to the expo and be around others just like your self....Muskie addicts at the won't be alone.... I know I'll be down there talking about fishing and catching up on all of last years stories...all three days!


Friday 2-9PM     Saturday 10-7PM     Sunday 10-4PM


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