Favre's message does not hint at future

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  • February 11, 2010 - 4:53 PM

Brett Favre has a message for his fans but none for the Minnesota Vikings at this point.

On his official website (a member of the Vikings PR staff confirmed it's legit), Favre thanks his fans for a "memorable season,"  and goes on to say that, "while the season didn't end in Miami as we had all hoped, I couldn't have enjoyed this season any more than I did."

Coming on the one-year anniversary of his announcement that he was going to retire from the NFL after one season with the New York Jets, what the quarterback's message doesn't say is what he plans to do in 2010. Toward the end of his five paragraph statement, Favre says, "regardless of what the future holds, I want everyone to know that I will cherish the memories of the past year for the rest of my life."

Although Favre indicated to some after the Vikings loss to the Saints in the NFC title game that he might be done, the general belief is that he will return next season. It's up in the air when the Vikings might find out and coach Brad Childress said at his last news conference of the season that he had put no timetable on Favre.

Favre and Childress did not exactly see eye-to-eye on all issues this season but Favre makes it clear in his message he is glad he returned. "I couldn't be happier about my decision," he writes. "The coaches, staff, and especially teammates who joined me in the season's journey are true professionals, and better yet, friends. I felt completely comfortable from day one as a member of the Minnesota Vikings and it's a tribute to the entire organization that accepted me with open arms. It was truly an amazing experience to be a part of the Minnesota Vikings this past season."


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