Ice is Nice while warm

  • Blog Post by: Ted Takasaki
  • January 5, 2010 - 12:55 PM

After spending the last week on the ice of Lake Thompson in bitter cold temperatures, one can appreciate fishing from the comfort of a permanent fish house, like the one I was in... The Lodge by Distinct Builders.  This is one awesome fish house and I was completely impressed by the way it was insulated and kept me warm overnight in 25 below zero temps.  It just would not have been fun fishing outside or in portables in this kind of weather.
The little things that are built into the Lodge is often overlooked by most anglers... the ability to trailer at 70mph, spray-in insulation which seals all of the little openings, amenities of home just like fishing out of a living room.  Pretty cush!

Oh... and the fishing.  Well, it wasn't fast and furious, but just enough action to keep it interesting.  Watching tv or a movie kept me occupied while the fishing was slow... not too bad since I was still fishing!

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