Good Morning

  • Article by: Scott Gillespie
  • December 2, 2008 - 11:58 AM
We're big fans of "The Daily Show'' in the Editorial Department, but Jon Stewart's opening segment on Thanksgiving seemed a little off last night, at least to this viewer. Stewart predictable laughs from his adoring studio audience with references to "Black Friday'' shopping deaths. The show's writers typically handle these kinds of absurd and tragic stories with just the right touch. That wasn't the case Monday, when the the shopping jokes came off more callous than humorous. Follow the link to the show's website if you missed it and share a comment below. Maybe Stewart should have taken a cue from New York Times columnist David Carr, who took on the news media's role in the mayhem in a Monday column. We'll be addressing "Black Friday'' madness ourselves with an editorial for tomorrow's newspaper that looks at how two of Minnesota's retailing giants try to protect shoppers. Yes, it's really come to that.

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