Good morning: Friday, Sept. 12

  • Article by: Scott Gillespie
  • September 12, 2008 - 9:52 AM
We're gearing up for the weekend with a number of topics on our minds. The Editorial Board will be weighing in on U.S. energy policy, an insurance industry effort to raise the age for obtaining a driver's license, and the new 35W bridge. We'll look at the bridge in a Sunday editorial and, among other issues, we'll write about the controversial decision to go with the highest bidder to build the bridge. In short, taxpayers may end up paying $71 million more because a national construction firm was selected over a locally based firm with a lower bid. MnDOT stands by its selection process and says the winning bid was far superior to three losing bids. We don't expect our readers to have the background necessary to critique that decision, but we are wondering how you would answer this question: What was more important to you, an early completion date that would get the bridge open for traffic as soon as possible, or the total pricetag? As always, we welcome your thoughts... 

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