Mike Anderson of Minneapolis raked his roof after a storm to clear snow and prevent ice dams from forming.

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South metro news briefs: How to stop the flood of junk mail

  • March 11, 2014 - 3:00 PM

Dakota County

Officials’ advice on shedding junk mail

Dakota County’s Recycling Zone is offering advice for cutting down on unwanted junk mail, considering that over 100 million trees a year are lost producing it and only about 20 percent is recycled.

The 500 million phone directories alone require 1.6 billion pounds of paper.

To remove your name from junk mail lists, officials advise, head for the Direct Marketing Association, a trade association, and register at to remove your name from catalogs, magazines and other unsolicited mail lists.

Consumer credit bureaus can help remove your name from preapproved credit card offers: Visit www.optoutpre or call toll-free 1-888-567-8688.

To remove your name from lists to receive phone books, visit

For smartphone users, apps such as PaperKarma let you take a picture of an unwanted piece of junk mail and yank your name from that list.


Council considers land buy on Hwy. 169

The City Council in Shakopee is weighing the possible purchase of two parcels of land near the emerging new intersection at Hwy. 169 and County Road 69.

The land is located in the northeast quadrant.

The state is offering 27.8 acres as a “first right of refusal” before the private market would get involved. The price is about $1 million.

The city could extend Vierling Drive and hold onto the land for future development.

If you’d like to weigh in or find out more, call public works at 952-233-9369.


City advises attacks on those ice dams

Savage is advising residents to not just wait for warmer temps to deal with ice dams at the edges of roofs.

“Ice dams have been known to cause major water damage by lifting up the roof’s shingles and allowing water to enter the attic,” the city said. “The water in the attic may then either run down the exterior wall or leak through the ceiling into the living space.

“Such water intrusion can cause electrical shortages and drywall damage, as well as create waterlogged insulation. In the summer, this water-soaked area could lead to mold. Ice dams also can damage fascia, soffit and rain gutters.”

Snow rakes are a good way to deal with the snow, but there are professionals who can do a better job. “Be sure to get a copy of your professional’s workers comp and liability insurance before he or she gets to work,” the city says.

The University of Minnesota Extension has information on ice dams at ment/housing-technology/moisture-management/ice-dams-removing. Savage’s building department also can answer questions.


Outsiders welcome to eye city’s offerings

Registration for parks offerings in Prior Lake is now open, and the city is inviting nonresidents to be added to the mailing list for catalogs of activities.

If you’re interested, call 952-447-9820. You can check out activities at www.priorlake or www.face


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