A look at some bad old sports logos, including the 1970s Twins

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • November 6, 2013 - 2:29 PM

The good people at Sports On Earth take a trip down pro sports logo memory lane and pick on some of the worst that time has produced.

Much of it is humorous, including this description of the logo used by the Detroit Tigers in the 1920s: 

My God, I have eaten Charlie Gehringer!

It's OK... I will just hide the body up in a tree. Everything is going to be fine. Just fine.

We thought the local teams might be spared, but they got to the 1970s Twins logo (pictured) near the end and had this to say:

The Twins spent two decades tweaking their logo of Minneapolis and St. Paul, represented by two dudes, shaking hands across the Mississippi. By the 70s, the twins looked anachronistically like 1950s cartoon characters, and the drawing became busy with details like baseball stitching (which appears inaccurate) and the STP logo within the logo. But the worst part of the logo is the grammar of Win! Twins! Shouldn't it be Twins Win!? Or Win, Twins!? Dotting the I's with stars AND doubling down on exclamation points are signs of a logo trying too hard.

Hard to argue with that. Feel free to peruse the entire post.

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