Love surprised by Player of the Week, in a way

  • Blog Post by: Jerry Zgoda
  • November 4, 2013 - 6:10 PM

Kevin Love said he was suprised by receiving the Western Conference Player of the Week award today for leading the league in scoring (29.7 ppg) and leading his team to a 3-0 season start.

Not surprised that he won it this week, but rather...

"I had no idea, it's cool, I'm actually a little surprised I'd never won it before," he said before tonight's game at Cleveland. "But I'll just take a 3-0 start over any of that."

Love never won it before, not even that week when he had a 31-point, 31-rebound game against the Knicks in November 2010.

"I guess I never really paid attention to it," he said. "I've had good months, good weeks in the league thus far and the thing is, there's just so many good players in this league. In a lot of ways, it doesn't suprise me, either."

He probably never had won such an award before not because he wasn't deserving, but because his team hasn't been successful until this 3-0 season start.

"I do think it's a testament to winning," Love said. "If you win good things, happen for everybody."

Philadelphia rookie Michael Carter-Williams won the award in the East.

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