Everybody but Tim Tebow has moved on from the idea of Tebow as a QB

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • September 6, 2013 - 3:12 PM

Tim Tebow is not an accurate passer. He could barely get on the field with the dumpster fire (preferred term to replace train wreck) that was the Jets last season, and he couldn't make it as a No. 3 guy with New England.

In short, he is not an NFL QB. Everybody seems to have figured this out except Tebow himself. Per

Tim Tebow, after being cut by the New England Patriots last week, has refused to change positions after a NFL team expressed interest in him, SI’s Peter King reported on NBC’s 2013 NFL Kickoff show.

Tebow wants to “keep the NFL dream alive” and has turned down offers to play in the CFL along with an offer from USA Rugby to change sports, King said. Tebow only wants to play in the NFL and will only return if given the chance to play quarterback.

Given that last sentence, we would guess that's the last we will hear of Tebow as an NFL player. Let's all move on. 

[Warning: If Swamptown tries to post in the comments that Tebow is a better QB than Ponder, we will immediately come to his house and wallpaper it with Dave Hakstol pictures].

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