About Willard Castle, namesake of Anoka's Castle Field

  • July 2, 2013 - 3:00 PM

The original Castle Field opened in 1950 as Greenhaven Park and saw its last action last summer.

The field, like the new one, is named for Willard Castle, a Marine Corps veteran who was active with the Anoka American Legion, including its baseball team. He was also instrumental in building the field, according to Kay Castle Froemming, his niece.

Castle, who worked for the city’s water and electric department, died in an accident at age 26. “He was doing the job he’d done many times before when his arm brushed a high-voltage wire,” Froemming said.

The ballpark was renamed Castle Memorial Field in 1953.

Castle’s story, along with monuments and plaques honoring notable local coaches and other key players, will be displayed in a gallery at the field, said Lisa LaCasse of the Anoka.


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